Taxidermy by Don Marin

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"Capture the Moment For a Lifetime"


The cat family is a very difficult subject to reproduce life like. We have become noted for our ability to bring out natural expressions and attitudes of the cat family. Always have your trophy skinned for life-size. This leaves all your options open. Hides should be fleshed and salted or frozen immediately.

Game Birds

Game bird mounts come in a variety of poses that suite the particular species. From standing (table mount) or roosting (wall mount) to our action packed "running take off" mounts, we bring out the characteristics and the highlights of the gamebird we are depicting. Birds for mounting should be frozen whole or delivered fresh for mounting.


Life size bear mounts make a great addition to any trophy collection. They come in a variety of poses and if space is a problem consider a wall mounted base. We suggest you skin your trophy for a full mount and discuss your options for mounting after tanning the hide. In most cases the condition and quality of the hide will determine how you will mount your trophy.

Mountain Game - Sheep, Goats, etc.

Any trophy you put this much effort and expense into obtaining should be considered for life-size mounting. Always have these trophies skinned for full mounts in the field. This way you have all your options available when the tanning is completed.


As a rule keep trophies for mounting as cool and fresh as possible. Avoid long exposure to heat, flies, and keep dry. Deliver to taxidermist fresh, frozen, or salt dried. Skins that are salted should be thoroughly fleshed before salting.

BIG GAME - Animals to be skinned for lifesize should be skinned.

SMALL MAMMALS, BIRDS, FISH - Deliver fresh or freeze whole.

"Capture the Moment For A Lifetime."

If you are planning a extensive hunt consult with us before hand so we can offer suggestions to fit your specific needs.

Our goal is to preserve wild animals in a manner worthy of the elegance and grace they demonstrated in life. Our love of what we do, skill, and knowledge combined with our commitment to quality; will make your trophy a continued source of pride and dignity that will provide lasting enjoyment for years to come.