ELAN TOURS Kft. Hunting Org Debrecen, Peterfia u.2.

      Hungary is one of the best countries in Europe for hunting having earned the distinction due to its outstanding quality of game, purposeful game management and the development of hunting culture. The Carpathian Basin has always been well stocked with game. There is an enormous variety of hunting opportunities available to the participating sportsmen. Therefore the number of shooting guests coming to Hungary has increased enormously in the recent years. Having successfully shot, the hunters often return next year.

HUNT: Red deer, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Moufflon, Sika deer, Sika deer stag, Winged games and other small games: Hare, Rabbit, Fox, Muskrat, Racoon dog, Racoon, Pole cat, Stone marten, Badge, Golden jackal, Pheasant, Partridge, Bean goose, White-fronted goose, Mallard, Gargan-eye, Common teal, Pochard, Golden-eye, Coot, Woodcock, Collared dov, Wood pigeon, Hooded crow, Magpie, Jay, snipe

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