by Jack Paluh


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Approximate Image Size: 17 1/2" x 22".

   To the bowhunter at heart there is not better time of the year than the autumn. The moring air carries a cool snap. The foliage slowly appears with the brilliant colors of crimson, gold and unber. To the trained eye, the woods are full of activity. The bowhunter inside you awakes and you date to dream of the moment when your homework pays off.

Positioned in your stand, it happens. There he is! You've seen his sign and rubs. He's chasing does. Another buck is waiting off in the distance. You take a deep breath, aim, release. Everything is right...but the master busk that he is, THE ARTFUL DODGER, drops and ducks the arrow by the unnatureal sound of the bow release. Whitetails scatter. Vanished is the moment, but you are energized from the experience. Tired but wiser you make plans for another day.

ARTFUL DODGER is sponsored by IBO, the International Bowhunter Organization, dedicated to Passing on the Legacy of Fine Bowhunting.


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