To the artist's eye, the outdoor world provides unlimited subject material for paintings. "My ideas are inspired while hunting and photographing outdoors", states Jack Paluh. "I observe colors, shapes and patterns of our ever changing seasons. My outdoor time enables me to watch animal behavior, study habitat and truly appreciate the amazing natural world that God has given us. Once l've gathered my information, I bring these ideas into my studio, where I compose it much like putting a puzzle together. As story telling has reinforced my past works, I hope to continue to tell a story with each piece I complete so my viewers share in these experiences.

Having successfully completed his Living With the Land Theme, the representation of the Hunting Skills for the Eastern Woodland Indians, Jack will continue to present Special Editions of these Native Hunters along with a New Study of our Traditional and Modern Day Hunters in Sporting Art Scenes. His art images will also include a variety of wildlife close to the hearts of his collectors.

"God has truly blessed me with a job that I love", expresses Paluh. "I encourage others to find their talents and develop them. It is my privilege and honor to share my artwork and to inspire others, especially our youth, to the wonders of the outdoors".




  • 1996-1999 National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet Print
  • 1995-1996 PA Ducks Unlimited Greenwing Print of the Year.
  • 1993-1994 PA Ducks Unlimited Print of the Year.
  • 1993-1994 WQLN, PBS Station, Membership Artist.
  • 1990 & 1986 Artist of the Year for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association.
  • 1989 PA Game Commission Working Together for Wildlife Artist.
  • 1986 First Conservation Prints for the Pennsylvania Deer Association and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation.
  • First Place at the PA Wildlife Festival in both Original Painting and Print Categories.
  • Paluh's paintings have appeared in and on covers of numerous outdoor magazines.
  • Currently Paluh has 55 Limited Edition Prints published by Jack Paluh Arts, Inc. Several of these editions were also co-published with other organizations including Fireside Classics, Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, PA Game Commission, PA Deer Association, PA Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Paramount Press, WQLN Public Television, Multiple Sclerosis Society of NW PA, Vineyard Oil, P.T.A. and the Wild Life.
In addition, Pa1uh's work has been shown in many local, national and international art shows and competitions. He is an avid supporter of local and national fund drives for charitable and conservation organizations.
The following are other artwork of Jack Paluh.

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Group Pictorial - Eastern Indian Art
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