by Jack Paluh


There was a time long ago when friendship between Native Turkey Hunters and Woodland Frontiersmen prospered. Black Powder Gobblers portrays these Woodland Allies nestled behind a fallen tree. Having chosen the perfect sight with a steady rest, the hunting partners use their wing bone call to entice a group of wild gobblers. With raspy yelps echoing through the woods, the long beards are lured into range. The Eastern Long Hunter intends to make his shot count. When the smoke clears, it will be known that these hunters have "made-meat".
950 S/N $125.00    95 A/P $175.00
Approximate Image Size: 19 1/2" x 24"

A Conservation Edition has been published for N.W.T.F. Also a Canvas Edition may be published.

Our October release Black Powder Gobblers, has earned Jack the title of Featured Artist of the Year 2000 for the National Wild Turkey Federation. NWTF will promote a Conservation Edition of this print at their 2000 Banquets.

We are currently accepting pre-orders. This piece joins the Frontiersmen and Native Hunters in a hunting alliance. Having chosen the perfect sight, the hunting partners use their wing bone calls to entice a group of wild gobblers into range. You may have seen this piece on the cover of NWTF Turkey Call, September 1999.


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