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Extraordinary People
Painted by Mike

Mike Scovel - Extraordinary People Rough and rowdy women and gracious, weather-worn gents of the West are just some of the characters one is likely to find in a Mike Scovel painting. No matter who the subject is, or what is going on, there is an element of spontaneity in each painting, as if Scovel has caught each subject by surprise.

Maxine Maynard Buddy Gilchriest
George Bredewater
Maxine Maynard
Retired Bookkeeper
Champion Coupon Clipper
Scotch Tape Queen
Mother to Mike Scovel
Indianapolis, Indiana
Buddy (Butter) Gilchrest
Retired Champion BBQ'er
Siding Salesman
Country Singer
Guitar Player, Songwriter
and Beer Drinker
Father-in-law to Mike Scovel
Paradise, Montana
George Bredewater
Retired from
Indianapolis Water Co
Grand Master Keeper of
the Remote Control
Best Attribute: Wife, Nancy
Columbus, Indiana

A founding member of the Cowboy Cartoonists International, Scovel's work has won numerous awards including the first Trumble Family People's Choice Award at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1993. Scovel and wife, Dusti, make their home along the shores of Beaver Lake in Northwestern Arkansas and can be reached through

Y-ME Ranch Enterprises,
120 County Road 423
Uvalde, Texas 78801

Email yme@hctc.net
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