Hunter's Information Service links you to worldwide services of big and small game hunting outfitters and guides. It also offers information about services of vendors of hunting related items.

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Bluenose Herd, Barrenground Caribou, brand new venture in area rarely ever hunted for trophy caribou.
Spike camp adventure for the more active hunter tired of motel style caribou hunts.


For three decades Outdoor Canada has been the leading
national authority on Canada's great outdoors.

Read OUTDOOR CANADA'S article on Fred Webb


"Gruff, opinionated and unapologetic, Fred Webb has been guiding hunters in the Arctic for 17 years now, and he’s not about to leave any time soon. Even if it means doing business with those flippin?treehuggers."

Be sure to read!   THE LEGEND'S LAST STAND



** Crocodile Mick, Papua New Guinea **

Crocodile Mick's Web site - www.crocodilemick.comm

    Crocodile Hunter, Taxidermist and Producer of Crocodile Products, Specializing in Crocodile Capture no job too small or big. Specialist in Value adding of the Animal Mick is available for Consultancy, Training on Taxidermy, Tanning, Processing and Producing Quality Products.



3W INTERNATIONAL, Dampierre-En-Bray, France

Hunting, Central African Republic (CAR), South Africa, Namibia, Argentina, North America and the Pacific.

Bongo, Elephant, Dwarf Buffalo (Buffle nanus), Western Sitatunga (Sitatunga), Giant Forest Hog (Hylochère), Bush Pig (Potamochère), Yellow Back Duiker (Céphalophe ?dos jaune), Blue Duiker (Céphalophe bleu), Black Back Duiker (Céphalophe ?bande dorsale noire), Peters Duiker (Céphalophe de Peters), Ogilby Duiker (Céphalophe d'Ogilby), Gabon Duiker, Monkeys, Birds, Bates Antelope, Civet Cat, Black Fronted Duiker, etc.





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Safari Hummer

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Brady Ranch          Trophy Axis Deer, Catalina Goat, Merino Sheep, Corsican Sheep, Texas Dall , Hawaiian Black Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Fallow Deer, Sitka Deer, Red Deer, Scimitar Horn Oryx, Water Buffalo, Eland, Nilgai Antelope, Black Buck Antelope, Elk, Trophy Boar, White tail Deer, Oceola Turkey

Home of the Largest Axis Herd in the U.S.




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MAPQUEST - Maps & Routing Directions to 3 million cities around the globe

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Bagged Your Limit? What to do after the hunt!

** Fly a Jet or a MIG with Incredible Adventures, Inc!

After hunting - fly a MIG


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Hunting Bookstore
Here are a few Favorite Hunting Books that we have to offer. Click on Hunting Bookstore - to see the whole store.

*** Also for your Reading Pleasure from Master Story Teller - FRED WEBB ***

Fred Webb - Hardcover - Safari Press

African Game Trails (Capstick Adventure Library) ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Hardcover / Published 1988

America's Greatest Game Bird : Archibald Rutledge's Turkey Tales
Archibald Rutledge - Hardcover / Published 1994

Neotropical Wilife Use and Conservation ~ Ships in 2-3 days
John G. Robinson, Kent H. Redford (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991

No Hunting (Kaleidoscope : A Collection of Stories 178-7)
Sara Hoskinson Frommer / Paperback / Published 1989

The Official Snipe Field Guide ~ Ships in 2-3 days
Bruce Goodmansen / Paperback / Published 1997

The Orvis Wing-Shooting Handbook : Proven Techniques for Better Shotgunning ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Bruce Bowlen / Paperback / Published 1986

Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter ~ Ships in 2-3 days
Theodore Roosevelt / Paperback / Published 1991

Outdoor Yarns and Outright Lies : 50 or So Stories by Two Good Sports ~ Ships in 2-3 days
Gene Hill, Steve Smith / Hardcover / Published 1983

Outdoors Alaska Directory ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
David M. Johnson / Paperback / Published 1997

Outdoors in Arizona ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Bob Hirsch / Paperback / Published 1988

Painting Duck Decoys : 24 Full-Color Plates and Complete Instructions
Anthony Hillman / Paperback / Published 1985

161 Waterfowling Secrets : Time-Honored, Field-Tested Waterfowling Tips and Advice
from Ducks Unlimited Members ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Ducks Unlimited Magazine Staff (Editor), et al / Paperback / Published 1995

Advanced Bow Guide ~ Ships in 2-3 days
Roger Maynard / Paperback / Published 1984

Afield With J. Frank Dobie : Tales of Critters, Campfires, and the Trails ~ Ships in 2-3 days
J. Frank Dobie / Paperback / Published 1994

The African Adventurers : A Return to the Silent Places ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Peter Hathaway Capstick / Hardcover / Published 1992

Hunting Bookstore -
Those are just a few of the Hunting Books that we have to offer. Click on Hunting Bookstore - to see the whole store.

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"Your Online Hunting Show"! This site is dedicated to the hunting outdoorsman. Hunter's Information Service - Hunting - offers the services of hunting outfitters and numerous hunting related vendors.

We have many requests for information on taxidermists and taxidermy schools, therefore, we are expanding our taxidermy section. Wildlife art is a big hit with our visitors. Numerous artists present their fine wildlife artwork and a wide range of wildlife art presentations.

Our firearms section includes a submenu for manufacturers of ammunition and guns such as handguns, rifles, and shotguns. This section also holds sights, aiming devices, and scopes to make your shot true. Our clothing sections include various camouflage manufacturers and cold weather gear outfitters. The menu for sporting collectibles offers items made from rattlesnake skins and antique calls.

Another must is binoculars for the hunter to see better from his new tree stand. Our menus include manufacturers of game feeders. Under hunting collectibles, we include fine carvings, bronze creations, and engravings to remember that great hunt.

In addition, we link to "The Weather Channel" for our hunter to select the best weather for his hunting trip. We also provide hunting information and links to United States Fish and Game related sites. Our recipe section provides the hunter with a variety of game recipes for his feast after the hunt.

New additions to our site include cold weather gear for the hunter, software for hunting and gun enthusiasts, and Safari Club International Endorsed Trophy Insurance.

Our goal is to offer everything the hunter needs for his hunting ventures. If you think of anything you need, anything we should include on this site to make your hunting more enjoyable and successful, let us know. We appreciate your patronage and are happy to serve you.

Thanks for Stopping By and GOOD HUNTING TO ALL!! Sam Ford